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KPMC is steadfast in the delivery of affordable services that are technologically appropriate with emphasis on quality, innovation & health promotion.


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A word from our CEO

Be With us for 2023!

2023 is here and it has been a challenging experience, give yourself a pat if you survive this bumpy and curvy year. This year might be a good and bad year for each individual. As human beings, be happy for them and support them when they are struggling.

Spread kindness and stay healthy.

Feel free to share your experiences with us so far this year!

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Our team

The best from the best


Our Services

KPMC which has been established as the utmost medical service provider in the Kajang Area.


Our values

How you do anything is how you do everything.

KAJANG PLAZA MEDICAL CENTRE has a history and experience with more than a decade serving fellow Malaysians,

especially those living near Kajang vicinity.

Our Mission

  • To provide highest quality of medical care, warm, caring & efficient services at a reasonable and affordable rate.
  • To ensure total satisfaction for every ringgit spent by treating every patient as an important individual
  • To provide the best facilities for medical & specialist care

Our Top Class Facilities

Prioritizing wellness on and off the clock.

Our Facilities & Services

Delivery Room
PAC Room
Medical Laboratory
Patient Relations
Specialist Clinics

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Are Your Medical Expenses Covered by Our Panel?

You can check out our Panel List, here.

Where Are we?

Kajang Plaza Medical Centre

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